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Baby Jogger Foot Muff Universal Black is a flexible and practical travel bag that fits all Baby Joggers strollers. The travel bag has a soft and cozy inside in teddy fleece, outer fabric in a wind and water-repellent material and it is shaped. It opens with a zipper on the front, and smart push buttons allow you to fasten the lid so that the travel bag is kept open when you are indoors, for example going into a store or the like.
Baby Joggers travel bag has sockets for harness, crotch strap and folding strap. 

Fits all Baby Joggers prams and also several other well-known pram brands on the market.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Length: 91 cm
  • From newborn up to about 2 years


Product family : City Mini 2; City Mini 4W 2; City Mini GT 2; City Elite; City Mini - 3 Wheel; City Mini - 4 Wheel; City Mini GT; City Mini GT Double; City Premier; City Select; City Select LUX; City Tour LUX; Summit X3

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