Baby Jogger Select lux bekkur

Baby Jogger Select lux bekkur

Framleiðandi: Baby Jogger

Vörunúmer: BJ2011982

Venjulegt verð 16.900 kr


Bekkur til að setja á Baby Jogger City Select lux kerrur

  • Þolir þyngd upp að 30 kg.
  • Sæti og fótskemill
  • 3 punkta öryggisbelti



Let your older child ride along when strolling with baby with the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller Bench Seat. This convenient seat and footrest easily attaches to the stroller and features a 3-point harness and contour™ed-non slip surface for safety.

  • Bench seat holds up to 65 lb
  • Includes padded seat and a sturdy footrest
  • 3-point adjustable safety harness