CarryOn All seasons (9-27kg)

CarryOn All seasons (9-27kg)

Framleiðandi: Lílle Baby

Vörunúmer: CO-3AS-101

Venjulegt verð 24.900 kr


It's not just young children who want to be close. Even a slightly older child is carried with advantage in a sling. Leave the pram at home and explore the world with your child. LÍLLÉbaby Carry On has a panel at the front that can be opened up for increased ventilation during warmer days. The relieving lumbar support gives you as a parent extra relief. Ergonomically worn either on the front of the stomach, on the hip or on the back. The shoulder straps can be crossed in the back or traditionally worn as a backpack. Choose the one that suits you best. There is also a pocket on the front of the harness that closes with a zipper.
As this is a harness for the older child, the panel is longer. From 9 kilos up to 27 kilos, you and your child can go on countless adventures together.

• Toddler sling from 9-27 kilos
• 3 different carrying positions
• Ventilating panel located along the back of the sling
• Possibility to cross the shoulder straps
• Relieving lumbar support for extra comfort