Hlífðarhjálmur fyrir 7-24 mánaða

Tilboðs verð16.900 kr


Hlífðarhjálmur frá Safehead er mjúkur og þæginlegur hjálmur fyrir börnin sem eru að byrja að skríða og taka sín fyrstu skref. Verndum það sem skiptir mestu máli.

  • Hentar fyrir 7 - 24 mánaða
  • Mjúkur & þæginlegur
  • Teygjanlegur & stillanlegur
  • Setur engan þrýsting á vaxandi höfuð
  • Góð loftun í gegnum hjálminn
  • Vefnaðarvara sem er laus við öll eiturefni (Certified non toxic materials)
  • Innan við 100g á þyngd
  • Passar á höfuð 40-52cm

Soft Protective Headgear for Babies

SafeheadBABY gives your little one the confidence they need and the freedom they deserve to explore their newly discovered surroundings without the fear of them injuring their head. This well planned design ensures increased ventilation to keep your infant’s head well protected yet cool and comfortable thereby reducing the chances of your baby wanting to remove it. The ideal solution for active babies in and around the home.

  • Soft and flexible
  • Strategic padding placement for maximum protection
  • Ultra lightweight no pressure on growing head
  • Superior air flow and ventilation channels retains limited body heat
  • Breathable cotton lining for ultimate wearer comfort
  • Ample visibility does not block sight
  • Non–bulky design ensures easy head movements
  • Secure soft band V chin strap for snug fit
  • Expandable and adjustable to easily fit different head sizes

Complies with:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (DTI PPE Category I (89/686/EEC).
  • EN71-1/2/3 for toys and child care articles.
  • US (CPSC) mechanical and physical tests 16 CFR 1500.48, 1500.49 & 1501.
  • US CPSIA Sec. 101 Lead content in Children's Products
  • US CPSIA Sec. 108 Phthalates content in Children's Products

Our product development team consult with a diverse team of real-life moms and dads to safely test the headgear on their babies, both during the design process and after production. The user team was encouraged to try out the product in all usage approaches in real-world scenarios. Because of the extensive surveys and tests from the SafeheadBABY’s user team, our process is enriched with parental wisdom and our products designed for real-world comfort and safety.



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