Regnplast - Faded Rose

Regnplast - Faded Rose

Framleiðandi: Elodie Details

Vörunúmer: 50700127150NA

Venjulegt verð 7.900 kr


Regnplast frá Elodie Details. Passar á allar helstu kerrur og vagna. Plastið kemur í renndum poka

  • PU húðað polyester
  • Passar á allar helstu vagna og kerrur
  • Passar á Baby Jogger vagnstykki og flestar Baby jogger kerrur (Ekki Elite 2)

Imagine the feeling of being happy when it rains. Your pram is suddenly so much prettier! These Rain covers fit a majority of prams, buggies and pushchairs on the market. They feature a fold-down “storm window” in clear plastic that can be used to close it up completely in very rainy weather conditions. It comes with its own storage pouch that can be attached to the stroller for quick access when the weather changes. Can be wiped clean or machine washed.

- Convenient storage right on the pram or pushchair means you’ll never get caught unprotected in the rain.
- Fits all major prams, buggies and pushchairs on the market.
- Made from robust PU-coated polyester that keeps rain and snow safely on the outside.
- Machine washable and dries of quickly. Always allow to dry off before placing it back in the pouch.

Size: The pouch measures 26 x 13 x 6 cm
Material: PU-coated Polyester
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