Veggfest skiptiborð

Tilboðs verð29.900 kr


  • Veggfest skiptiborð
  • Kemur samsett
  • Hámarksþyngd 11kg
  • Öryggisstaðall - EN 12221-1 
  • Utanmál 75cm x 75cm x 58cm (LXBXH)
  • Aðeins 14,5cm á dýpt (þegar borðið er lokað)
  • Passar fyrir dýnustærð 50cmx70cm

This wall mounted changing unit is perfect for changing your little one’s messy diapers. You mount the changing unit on the wall and it only takes up 14.5 cm in depth when the cupboard is closed, which makes it an ideal solution if you don’t have a lot of space. The changing unit comes assembled and ready to be mounted. A nursing cushion and the screws for mounting on the wall must be purchased separately because the type and size of the screws depend on the wall type.


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