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See Bluey from the hit TV series come to life in your very own bathroom!

Swimming lengths in your tub will be no trial at all. All kids have to do is give a gentle tug on Bluey’s seahorse friend to extend the cable – then let go. Watch as Bluey’s arms start wheeling round and she starts swimming like she’s scared of a silly blue whale!

Place her face down in the water and she’ll do front crawl. Flip her over and she’ll show you backstroke.

  • Dive in: Join Bluey in the surf at bath time as she goes swimming round and around.
  • Easy action: Simple pull-string mechanism sets Bluey’s arms in motion.
  • Different strokes: Bluey swims front crawl and backstroke – just turn her over.
  • Gotta be done: Encourages kids to get used to the water – in the bath or paddling pool.
  • Suitable from 18 months+

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