Elodie Details skiptitaska

Elodie Details skiptitaska

Framleiðandi: Elodie Details

Vörunúmer: 1036300

Venjulegt verð 34.900 kr


A light weight, trendy and practical diaper bag. This is the right choice for those who appreciate easy use, easy maintenance, easy storage and large compartments. Perfect for your traveling needs or use with compact and light weight strollers. Other nice features are


Velcro straps that allow it to hang from the handle bars of your stroller

A soft and padded changing mat is included.

Smart hidden thermo-pockets designed to keep your baby's bottle upright and at an even temperature.

Pockets designated for diapers, wet tissues, keys, mobile phone, makeup, etc...

Product specifications:

•·         Size: L: 41cm, D: 16cm, H: 36cm

•·         Material: 100% Polyester

•·         Extras: 5 compartments inside