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With the Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen from Toomies kids can step into the tub and into the kitchen all at once!

They can make believe they’re cooking up a mouth-watering feast with a versatile oven/hob cooker combination and a kitchen sink with working tap! Add a few drops of bubble bath and send thousands of bubbles ‘boiling’ over the top!

There’s a ladle for scooping and stirring, plus a pie dish that slides in past the oven door.

  • Bubble ‘n’ squeak: Bring all the fun of the kitchen into the bath tub with this clever 2-in-1 play set that lets little ones pretend they’re cooking up a feast.
  • Sink or simmer: Includes a sink unit with working pump-action tap, plus an oven-and-hob combination. Mount each individually or lock together to encourage sharing and cooperative play.
  • Just add water: Pop the pot on the hob and pump the yellow button to see bubbles appear. Add bubble bath to send foam spilling over the top!
  • Pour and spin: Place the pie dish in the oven, twist the pot up top to send the water pouring down into the oven, and watch as it sets the pie dish spinning!
  • Winning combination: Imaginative role play builds confidence in water, fosters interaction and promotes communication skills. Kids can explore cause and effect and develop
  • Suitable from 18 months+

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