Evolux skiptiborð

Color: Hvítt
Tilboðs verð16.900 kr


Evolux skiptiborðseining frá Childhome sem hægt er að koma fyrir mjög víða, t.d. ofan á ungbarnarúmi.
Kemur með 3 punkta öryggisbelti.
Skiptiborðseiningin getur bara verið notuð á ungbarnarúm þar sem innanmálið er á milli 59,8 og 61 cm fyrir skiptiðborðið í minnstu stöðu eða innanmál milli 69,8 og 71 fyrir skiptiborðið í stærstu stöðu.



Childhome - Evolux Care Unit For Bed / Park - White

Our Evolux care unit in white is the ideal tool to change diapers in a safe way. The care unit can easily be placed over baby cots, cribs and parks due to its large metal frame. The Evolux Changing Unit is equipped with a water-repellent, breathable and washable 3D mesh care cushion. A 3-point safety harness with detachable crotch has also been added to keep the baby safe at all times.

The nursing unit can only be used on a cot or park with inner dimensions between 59.8 cm and 61 cm for the smallest position and between 69.8 cm and 71 cm for the largest position.

Attention: always use the safety belts when you want to fix the unit on the park or bed.

Listed important assets

  • Extra large supply unit with sturdy construction
  • Equipped with an adjustable mounting system
  • Can be easily placed over parks and beds
  • Equipped with safety belt for optimal safety

Included as standard

  • Evolux care unit in white
  • 3D mesh changing pad
  • 3-point safety harness

Important specifications

  • Dimensions : 83.0 x 60.0 x 16.0 cm
  • Material :

    Metal Parts: Steel
    Care Unit: Polypropylene
    Other Plastic Parts: ABS
    Cushion: 3D Mesh Nylon
    Screwable Feet: Thermoplastic Rubber
    Webbing: Nylon

  • EN Standard : EN 12221: 2008 + A1: 2013
  • Maintenance : Mattress / pillow / cover is washable


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