Hlífðaráklæði fyrir 90x200cm dýnu - Bómull

Hlífðaráklæði fyrir 90x200cm dýnu - Bómull

Framleiðandi: Childhome

Vörunúmer: 83-10425

Venjulegt verð 11.900 kr


Hlífðaráklæði fyrir 90x200cm dýnu

  • 90x200x12 (BxLxH)

The FLEXA Mattress has 3 cm of latex with cool gel on one side, 5 cm of cold foam in the middle and 4 cm of latex on the other side. Latex with air ducts provides good ventilation and transports moisture away from the body. The mattress is reversible to secure the right support for the growing child. Start by using the side with the 3 cm of latex. When the child reaches 40 kg, turn the mattress. Suitable for children with sensitive skin or allergies. Water-repellent, non-woven inner cover This mattress fits our PLAY single bed, all CLASSIC, WHITE beds and POPSICLE. The mattress has a 5-year guarantee and is Standard 100 by Oeko-tex.

The cotton cover is 100% natural material, breathable and with a soft surface, which helps the child's