Ida Marie 70x160 - Húsrúm UPPSELT

Style: Húsrúm
Tilboðs verð69.900 kr


This small bed from the IDA-MARIE series is the friendliest bed with fine details and a delicious Nordic design. The bed is, like the other beds from IDA-MARIE, the Swan label and surface treated with water-based varnish.

There is a bed horse on three sides of the bed and the bed size is 70 × 160 cm. It provides a safe and quiet base, and if your child has the habit of going on nightly adventures, then you can kindly put a removable bed horse on the leading edge.

It is obvious to play with the graphic language of the bed and for example decorate "inside" and outside "of the bed. Visit our inspiration page to get more ideas for decorating with the bed.

With a couple of drawers under the bed, you can quickly find space for fogs, fogs and everything else.

Please note that the bed cannot be converted to a junior bed as the corner posts are part of the legs of the bed.

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