Leaf skyggni/flugnanet

Tilboðs verð4.900 kr


This Nuna Leaf Canopy is a clever canopy that easily attaches to the LEAF rocker seat, protecting baby from the elements with its extended eyeshade and attachable insect net.

The canopy easily slides on and off the LEAF as required, and the eyeshade simply pulls out for extra protection on those sunny days. The insect net can be attached or removed as requires and stores neatly in a pouch on the back of the canopy when not in use. The canopy is made from baby certified Oeko-Tek fabric.

  • Easily slides on and off of product
  • Compatible with the Nuna LEAF & LEAF Grow
  • Shade pulls out for extra protection from the sun
  • Made with better for baby certified Oeko-Tex fabric
  • Removable insect net with included storage on back of the canopy

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